WhiteBoard for Basketball

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工具 体育
开发 twentyfourseven
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This is a simple white board App for Basketball.
In order to make sure of the positioning of each player you can use this App for your team meeting, team practice or any other scenes related to Basketball.
Since this App is very simple everybody can easily use it anytime, anywhere.

1) Player Markers (5 Red, 5 Blue, 1 Ball)
2) Pen buttons(Black, Red, Blue color) to draw the lines
3) White board cleaner to erase the lines drawn by pen
4) Camera button to save the screenshots
5) C button to clear everything to the default
6) REC button to record the movements of red, blue and ball markers
Note: There is a limit how much you can record.
(Maximum: 50 movements of each marker)
7) PLAY button to play the recorded data.
8) PAUSE button to pause and resume the recorded data.
9) Multi-touch to move several markers at the same time.